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Pakistani 'spy' pigeon is captured by police - Unexplained The region itself is heavily disputed and claimed by both India and Pakistan, which explains why the local police would exercise such suspicion over something as simple as a pigeon. As it turns out however, the avian 'spy' was owned by a Pakistani man named Habib Ullah who reported that it … Pakistani Villager Demands Return of Pigeon Detained in After India’s Border Security Force announced the capture of “another Pakistani spy pigeon”, Pakistani newspaper Dawn managed to track down the bird’s alleged owner, a man named Habib

India catches 'Pakistani spy pigeon' | Pakistan – Gulf News

A pigeon suspected of being trained as a Pakistani “spy” has been detained near a disputed border in India after officials discovered a coded ring attached to its foot, according to a report.

May 29, 2020

Feb 11, 2019 - Explore Zulfikarali Pathan's board "High flyer pigeons" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Pigeon, Pigeon pictures, Pigeon loft. India Arrests Pigeon on Suspicion of Spying for Pakistan A Pakistani villager and pigeon enthusiast claiming to be the bird’s owner has pleaded with both governments to ensure the bird’s safe return. Should they fail to do so, he announced his intention to stage a demonstration at the international border to attract the media’s attention. Pigeons Photos | Pigeons Care - Kabootar Baaz | Pakistani