To put it simple, you can understand DNS forwarding as a method for DNS server to resolve a query by “asking for a help” from another DNS server.It is supported by on Windows DNS server, including Windows Server 2012 R2.The default behaviour is that Windows DNS Server will forward query that it cannot resolve to a list of public DNS servers on the internet which is called the root hints.

Apr 17, 2018 [SOLVED] Creating a DNS Record with a port number Dec 11, 2013 Configure DNS and Firewall Settings | Microsoft Docs If you use the default RADIUS port configuration on the VPN Server and the NPS Server, make sure that you open the following ports on the Internal Perimeter Network Firewall: Ports UDP1812, UDP1813, UDP1645, and UDP1646

Best Public DNS Servers 2020 - Port Forwarding

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Jun 17, 2020

What Is DNS Server Or Protocol Port Number? – POFTUT What Is DNS Server Or Protocol Port Number? TCP or UDP. DNS can use both transmission protocols TCP and UDP. But general usage is over UDP protocol because of its TCP Port 53. One of the used DNS port is TCP Port 53. TCP provides stability over DNS resolutions process. With TCP 53 UDP Port 53. Firewall Ports to Open Up For DNS Servers - systemBash