VMware vSphere ESX 6.7 | No network adapters were detected

Making legacy Linux networking work in Hyper-V Jun 05, 2015 Hyper-V restored VM doesn't load NIC drivers properly Aug 03, 2012

Hyper-V and Network Teaming: Understanding the Link Speed

Hyper V - Virtual Switch not showing as adapter in VM Changing the network adapter to Legacy. On the VM settings , choose Add Hardware >> Legacy Network adapter >> Connect network adapter to virtual switch. The reasoning behind this is these adapters have different drivers so the legacy driver may be the most compatible one with the VM installation. Hyper-V Network Card not working | Experts Exchange Hyper-v Network Card not working There are two common mistakes that people make when they setup a Hyper-V VM. First problem is that they don't install the integration components before they start troubleshooting problems with the Hyper-V VM functionality. One thing the integration components do for the VM is to give the VM a network driver.

Dec 30, 2017

Add a Network Adapter. The installation wizard don't offer to a a network installation, so you have to add it manually : Select your on Virtual machine in "Hyper-V Manager", then select Settings. On the left panel, select "Add Hardware" Select Legacy Network Adapter. Then select the virtual network (i.e switch) to which the adapter should be networking - CentOS 6 on Hyper-V - network adapter doesn't I have installed CentOS 6.0 on Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 SP1. VM has only synthetic network adapter enabled. Installation was successfull (without any network), then I installed Linux Integration Services 3.1 from ISO, everything OK too. Now all Hyper-V modules are installed (including hv_netvsc), but there is no network adapter detected. Hyper-V network adapter differences - TechGenix Dec 31, 2011