Dec 16, 2014 · how well you listen is much more important than how well you hear! One of the big mistakes I see young mixing engineers make is that they just dive in and start piling on processing on everything, without first taking the time to really listen to the song as a whole and to figure out what the song really needs.

Jun 02, 2015 · How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality? : The Record A hi-def test for your ears (and your audio equipment): Listen to these songs and see if you can tell the difference between an MP3 and an Jan 26, 2015 · You can listen as well as you hear by Helene Jewell | Jan 26, 2015 | The Extras | 0 comments I’m not a particular fan of Mike and the Mechanics, in fact this is probably the only tune of theirs that I even know! Jul 08, 2020 · Kamon Reynolds - Tennessee's Bees Recommended for you 20:47 Summer Time: Hawaiian Bossa Nova Guitar - Background Instrumental Music for Study, Work Cafe Music BGM channel 1,809 watching Dec 10, 2009 · You can decide if you want to listen to the sound. Can you hear me? = Is my voice loud enough? Can you hear me making a sound/a noise? I heard a noise outside. My grandmother is getting old. She can’t hear very well. What did you say? I can’t hear you. You’ll have to speak up. *Hear is NOT used in a continuous tense. Instead, use can hear Listening is one of the most important skills you can have. How well you listen has a major impact on your job effectiveness, and on the quality of your relationships with others. For instance: We listen to obtain information. We listen to understand. We listen for enjoyment. We listen to learn Jun 17, 2019 · Please tell I'd like to know can you hear me? Can you hear me Whispering your name? Do you feel me Lying beside you? Even though we're apart Can you hear my beating heart? It's sending a message

Active Listening: Hear What People are Really Saying

Mar 03, 2015 · Did you know that, as we age, we can no longer hear certain high-pitched noises as well as we did during our youth? There are sound frequencies that only young people can hear . Then progress to where you can ask the person to summarize back to you what you have just said to him/her. Regularly share indications that you are listening to them. Those indications can be, for example, nodding your head, saying, “Yes” to short points that you agree with. Learn the art of supportive questioning. Dec 08, 2015 · The more taxing the visual task, the less likely the person is going to hear what you are saying. It’s why, Lavie says, people reading a book on a train often don’t hear their stop called.


Don’t me. I can hear you very well. A.listen to … Listen to 听;talk with 与谁交谈;shout to 对,,大喊;look like看来象;句意:不要对我大喊,我能听得见。根据下方提到I can hear you very well. 我能听得到,故在说不要那么大声,所以选C